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Calor Scotland

Our Services in Scotland

From big cities to remote locations, Calor Scotland supplies LPG to homes and businesses 365 days a year to some of the most remote parts of the country. From Gretna to Lerwick, Stornoway to Tobermory and Portree to Peterhead, Scottish communities rely on Calor to keep them supplied with a vital, versatile and clean form of energy.

As well as Calor’s Scottish Customer Services headquarters at its filling plant and distribution depot in Grangemouth, Calor also has five cylinder centres throughout Scotland, located in Aberdeen Ayr, Glasgow, Grangemouth and Lanarkshire. In addition to this, there are the hundreds of independent Scottish retailers and distributors who rely on Calor’s products to supply their customers.

Calor's Pledge to Scotland

Calor is well placed to help Scottish Government reach its ambitious targets through technical innovation and expertise in rural energy. Following the publication of the Climate Change (Scotland) Act, the Government has set a long-term objective to reduce Scotland’s emissions of Kyoto Protocol greenhouse gases by at least 80% by the year 2050.

This goal is supported by a 2020 interim target and a framework of annual targets, intended to drive the policies which are necessary for achieving the long-term aim.

Calor Scotland fully supports the Government’s efforts to tackle climate change and is working proactively with politicians and local stakeholders to improve energy efficiency and lower carbon emissions in rural communities. Furthermore, Calor has pledged to assist households across Scotland in tackling fuel poverty – a particularly acute issue in remote and rural areas of the country. Calor wants rural property owners to have a strong voice in the energy efficiency debate and the opportunity to reduce their carbon emissions through cost effective energy solutions. LPG has traditionally offered a flexible fuel to meet the needs of the rural community and today, Calor’s research and innovative technological advances offere common sense solutions that can make a realistic and long-term difference to climate change in Scotland.