With summer soon to be upon us it won’t be long before our BBQs are re-discovered and the first grills are sparked into life. Here at Calor, we have all the information, handy tips and advice you'll need to cook up a BBQ storm.

BBQ Cooking


Get inspired to create mouthwatering BBQ meals with our range of recipes and BBQ cooking tips.

Buyer's guides


Whether you are new to BBQing or are mastering your skills, we’ve got some great tips to help you on your way.

BBQ safety


Read our simple tips and guidelines to make sure you stay safe this summer.

Gas vs charcoal


The great big BBQ debate, gas vs charcoal. Which fuels your fire?

BBQ events


Ready our handy advice on putting on the BBQ event of the summer.

BBQ maintenance


A step by step guide on how to prepare your BBQ for the summer BBQ season.